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About Sagacious Sovereignty

Sagacious Sovereignty was created in May 2007 on the Velen World of Warcraft server for the purpose of uniting people that enjoyed questing together. A lot has changed, but the principle is still the same.. we enjoy playing together! Though we are primarily a raiding guild at this point, we have also been known to do heroics, group quests, dailies, and even on occasion get some pre-made BG's going to kick some horde ass!

We use an EPGP system for loot distribution on our raids, and have Naxxramus and Malygos(close, anyway) on farm. We are currently working our way through the last of the original end-game WotLK content (Sarth w/drakes up), and have begun the work of clearing both the 10 and 25 man versions of Ulduar. We typically raid most nights at 7pm PST. We do have a Ventrilo server and use it frequently, and its use is required for raiding.

If you are interested in joining us, please read our Guild Information page, and if we sound like a guild you would like to be a part of, then fill out an application by clicking here or on the "Apply to Guild" button on the left sidebar of this page. We hope that you choose to join us!
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